Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Kosova
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Kosova-Women 4 Women, from February 1, 2020 is one of the implementing organizations for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, project initiated from European Union.

This project aims to help new entrepreneurs acquire relevant skills for managing a small or medium-sized enterprise by spending time with an experienced entrepreneur in one of the 27 EU Member States, UK and the COSME countries: North Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Ukraine and Kosovo.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a program that has been implemented for over ten years, with more than 14.000 young entrepreneurs and with experience and with over 7.000 successful exchanges until now. For the first time Kosovo is allowed to be part of the EYE program. The experience exchange is done throughout a stay with an experienced entrepreneur, who will help the young entrepreneur acquire relevant skills for managing a small-sized enterprise. The host benefits from the new perspectives on their enterprise and has the opportunity to cooperate with partners from other countries or to learn more about new markets. The duration of the visit is from 1 to 6 months.

If you see yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur or as an experienced entrepreneur, who wants to help young entrepreneurs from different countries that are part of the program, please visit, where you can find more detailed information on how to be part of the program and you can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]