Babies & Toddlers - Success Story
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July 1, 2020: Babies & Toddlers is the first private kindergarten to launch the idea of providing professional services for children aged 0-3. This institution was established in December 2017, following the initiative of pedagogue and social worker Blerina Lila.

Having great knowledge of the children's world (because she grew up as a child and then as a professional worker in "Eni-Edu-Ars" kindergarten run by her mother Ymrane Lila) and having a good grasp of parents’ demands, she launched this idea and the institution was profiled as the first private institution that provides professional and necessary services for this age group of children.
The services provided by Babies & Toddlers, which the market did not provide before the B&T opened, were welcomed by many interested parents.

Babies & Toddlers multi-disciplinary team such as: nutritionist, paediatrician, physiotherapist, pedagogue, psychologist, social worker, classical music teacher, art teacher, yoga coach and dance teacher attracted like a magnet many parents who did not hesitate to entrust Blerina’s work.
Initially, there were two regular staff members (an educator and a cook), and the number reached 14 staff members two years later.

Parents' requests for their children to continue attending the kindergarten even beyond the age of 3, encouraged the founder to move to a larger space and provide services for groups of children aged 3-6.

Today, Babies & Toddlers continues to operate in the "Sunny Hill" neighbourhood with an almost complete number of children in all groups.

Currently, Babies & Toddlers offers professional work to children through the Step-by-Step methodology and the Early Childhood Stimulation Program. Among other things, Babies & Toddlers was an inspiration and encouragement to many other private kindergartens to offer professional services with an emphasis on children aged 0-3.
Thanks to her work, Blerina has managed to benefit from the Start-Up grant through the "Women's Opportunities in the Market, Economy and Networking – WOMEN” project which is implemented by @Kosova Women 4 Women, funded by the German Government through @GIZ Kosovo.