Berna Saraçi - Success Story
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July 2, 2020: Berna Saraçi was born on May 16th 1993 in Prishtina, Kosova. Raised in a family where creating garments is a tradition, she decided to study fashion design in the best fashion school in Kosova at that time, Design Factory. During her studies she presented her work in several successful exhibitions and runways, while also working as a costume designer for Prishtina based festivals, “Prishtinë – Mon Amour” and “Skena UP”.
In autumn of 2014, Saraçi participated in an international exhibition of product and fashion design, Month of Design Ljubljana, Slovenia, presenting her work and Kosovo, among other Southeast European countries. In April 2015, she took part in Prishtina Fashion Night, an event organized in Kosova’s capital, presenting 10 looks on the runway. In March 2018, Berna showed her collection in Fashion Weekend Skopje, Macedonia, where she was highly applauded and valued.
She continues working for her brand BERNASARACI, a brand that is becoming widely known for its elegance but also for its boldness and modernity. Saraci is poised to become one of the fastest rising stars of fashion in Kosova, serving original designs, creative ideas and fresh looks each time.
Berna is a beneficiary of the Start-Up grant through the project "Women's Opportunities in the Market, Economy and Networking" WOMEN which is implemented by Kosova Women 4 Women, while funded by the German Government through GIZ Kosovo.