Besa Begu - Success Story
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June 28, 2020: Besa Begu is the rising leader of oral health promotion in Kosovo, executing the country-wide behavior change campaign with skill and flair. She is an experienced Swedish-graduated Dental Hygienist with a demonstrated work experience in both clinical aspect and oral health promotion. Mrs. Begu is passionate about oral health promotion and the title of “Oral Health Promoter” is a source of personal and professional pride for her. One of her top priorities is to promote oral health in her home country - Kosovo but also worldwide using social media. Besa is the first Dental Hygienist ambassador to join the Humble Smile foundation and currently implementing an oral health promotion project amongst Roma community living in extreme poverty.

Mrs. Begu is founder of the NGO Center for Preventive Dentistry, which she founded to educate children of different ethnic and social backgrounds in the benefits of oral health.

She has recently opened her own dental clinic in Pristina with a special focus on preventive dental care services. At her clinic, she uses state of art technology by EMS Dental offering the latest protocol of professional dental cleaning called Guided Biofilm Therapy. She is the first to offer high standard preventive dental care in Kosovo as the first licensed Dental Hygienist.

Thanks to her work, Besa has managed to benefit from the startup grant through the "Women's Opportunities in Market, Economy and Networking (WOMEN)" project, which is implemented by Kosova - Women 4 Women, and is funded by the German Government through GIZ Kosovo.