Bleta Hajdini - Success Story
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June 29, 2020: Bleta Hajdini completed her bachelor studies at the University of Prishtina at the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in the field of Agroeconomics. After her bachelor studies she continued her master's studies in the same faculty in the field of Economics of Agriculture and Food.

Bleta founded her own company two years ago. Through this company it tries to offer the market quality products and to start exporting to other EU countries in the near future.
Their products processed from fruits and vegetables are of very high quality and now the company will start working on their processing into alcoholic products.
Through this project, the company FruttonUP has managed to increase the capacity and facilitate production work.
Bleta is a beneficiary of the Start-Up grant through the project "Women's Opportunities in the Market, Economy and Networking" WOMEN which is implemented by Kosova Women 4 Women, while funded by the German Government through GIZ Kosovo.