Burbuqe Jemini Pozhegu - Success Story
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June 26, 2020: Burbuqe Jemini Pozhegu is the owner of "Roze Event" company, dealing with the organization of various events. She has many years of experience in the area of gastronomy and hotels, which she inherited from her family, that is also known abroad for its successes in this area.

"Roze Event" has been expanded since October last year and has added the service of various foods to events or organizations, ranging from traditional to the most modern foods, demanded in various events. All this was done with the help of a donation offered by the German organization @GIZKosova in cooperation with the non-governmental organization @Kosova Woman 4 Woman".

With the expansion of the business, thanks to this donation, two more employees have been employed and the company has been provided with the necessary working tools.

Burbuqe Jemini Pozhegu has studied public relations and journalism.