Drita Mala - Success Story
ART Construction

July 15, 2020: I am Drita Mala, born in Tërnac and I live in a village in Skenderaj. I was a housewife and I had literacy problems when I started the training at Kosova Women 4 Women organization. After the completing the training, we started with an initiative - an association called "Jeta" in which I was elected president. Thanks to the work and dedication, I decided to start a business and applied for the start-up grant of Kosova Women 4 Women where I got 10 beehives as well as other tools needed to work with bees. Today, I have a stable business which is called Bletaria "LEA". Therefore, I encourage every woman to engage and not stop to realize their dreams and goals in life.
Drita is a beneficiary of the Start-Up grant through the "Women's opportunities in the market, economy and networking - WOMEN" project which is implemented by Kosovo - Women 4 Women, funded by the German Government through GIZ Kosovo.