Ergyle Gjurcjialo - Success Story
ART Construction

July 20, 2020: Ergyle Gjurcjialo was born in Prizren, where she finished her primary and secondary school in as well as the high school of pedagogy.
The situation in the 90s made Mrs. Ergyle work together with her husband Naciu in the production of Plis (Albanian white brimless traditional hat) which they inherited from his ancestors. The household work and economy was a greater impetus to start the production of Plis around Kosovo. For many years it kept alive the household economy not only for Gjyrgjialo’s family, but also kept alive the PLIS which is an inseparable part of our nation.
Even nowadays, Ergylja and her family continue their tireless work with the production of Plis. Innovative ideas have originated from the cutting and the shaping of Plis and she decided to create different accessories for girls. She then started producing bags with special needlework, giving beauty and creating different designs with various motives.
Special gratitude goes to the Kosova Woman 4 Woman Organization that has been the only supporter so far for this innovation. The pandemic has not stopped us from working, but we have made even stronger preparations to launch the product in the local market, and, why not, even the international market.
Ergyle is a beneficiary of the Start-Up grant through the "Women's opportunities in the market, economy and networking - WOMEN" project which is implemented by Kosovo - Women 4 Women, funded by the German Government through GIZ Kosovo.