Msc. Besnike (Bafti) Aliaj - Success Story
ART Construction

17 July 2020: Msc. Besnike (Bafti) Aliaj was born in 1988 in Prizren, Kosovo.
Bensikja graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Business Administration - Agribusiness and the Master in Business Administration.

Besnikja has a long experience in Agribusiness producing and importing, especially in the field of floriculture and walnut seedlings. Today she is known as a professional lady in the design and decoration of live flowers, as well as a successful agronomist and consultant in the field of agriculture.
Since 2010 her dream was to become an entrepreneurial woman in the field of Agribusiness, and this dream was finally realized thanks to her great will and ambition.
Today she enjoys the title of owner in the Garden "Besila" Prizren-Kosovo, which was founded in September 2019 and which deals mainly with the sale of flowers, decorative trees, design and arrangement of gardens, festive and funeral parties and decoration of bouquets. From the organization Kosova - Women 4 Women she has been supported in her innovation for the production of vases and various decorative forms as an aid towards the realization of her innovative idea. With this, it aims to soon enter the local market strongly but also to export its products to some countries of the world.

She is also known for various articles and articles in the field of agriculture and economics in various magazines and portals, and is awaiting the publication of the book "MARKET AND MARKETING OF FLOWERS", a book which is an added value in Floriculture sector in Kosovo and Albania as the book represents the two countries in terms of flower market and marketing.