Qendresa Ibrahimi - Success Story
ART Construction

June 23, 2020: Qendresa Ibrahimi - Co-founder and CEO at Deinde.
Deinde has a small yet profoundly passionate team that develops marketing from A to Z, it just comes in digital forms.
Qendresa besides being a right hand on her team, she gives her contribution to supporting other women to achieve their life goals. A very motivating, and inspiration to other women. Along with her hard work, she is not only an ambitious young woman, but also an awakener, and a role model to follow.
Qendresa is a beneficiary of the grant scheme ‘Start-up’ in the framework of the project ‘WOMEN’. She along with the other members are a young and passionate team- who work every day to make their idea of the business alive and productive. They are a motivation for every entrepreneur who want to contribute to the society and the economy of the country.