Remzije Berisha - Success Story
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July 3, 2020: Remzije Berisha is undoubtedly a hero nowadays. She not only managed to overcome all the difficulties of a woman's life, being the head of the family at a young age, but she managed to educate and provide education to her children as a life educator and teacher. And she did not stop with that, but Remzije Berisha, as the head of the family, managed to work with her determination to raise a healthy and exemplary family. She managed to become a model for supporting other women to achieve their goals in life. She is a motivation and inspiration to other women. After joining the Kosova Women 4 Women program in 2004, Remzija was given the opportunity to connect with other women, especially with those who had the fate to face the same problems in life. Among other things, Remzije Berisha is also the beneficiary of the "Start-up" grant scheme within the "Women" project. As a result, she and her children now represent a passionate team in their company called ALBA, and they work every day to bring their business idea to life and have a productive traditional food business. To women, they are an incentive for entrepreneurship in order to contribute to the society and the economy.

Remzija says, “Women can get support and strength from each other. Unlike men, women help and support each other. And that is why I feel stronger and more empowered now to face the waves of life”.

Zonja Remzije is a beneficiary of the Start-Up grant through the "Women's Opportunities in the Market, Economy and Networking – WOMEN” project which is implemented by @Kosova Women 4 Women, funded by the German Government through @GIZ Kosovo.