Success Story 2019: Nurije Latifi
ART Construction

Nurije Latifi is from the village of Kllodornicë and she comes from a very poor family. Her family was also benefiting from social assistance from the government. She completed the Core Program in 2019 and the vocational training in horticulture. As inputs, she received a greenhouse she always dreamed of having. She was encouraged by the trainer to start and think about expanding the production beyond self-consumption. Immediately after she received the greenhouse she started to produce different vegetables and managed to sell them afterwards. Because she received the greenhouse in the spring, she was able to make use of it also for this year’s vegetable production. From this production, she managed to sell some vegetables, to preserve some for self-consumption and she also wanted to give-away some to those in need.

Together with her husband she also benefited from the seedlings for black marshmallow. She worked very hard in the collection of the flowers of these medical herbs and she earned €2000.

Participating in the program changed Nurije’s life. She struggled to provide for her family in the past, but now she is able to support her children’s education as well.

She learned a lot of useful information from the vocational training and how produce products that are insecticide and pesticide free.