Women Owned Businesses - WOB
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Women entrepreneurs in Kosovo are important contributors to economic development.

-They generate income for themselves and their families.

-They hire more women and girls.

-Build a future where women and girls have fewer barriers to becoming entrepreneurs and part of the job market.

-They are half the population, but own only 13 percent of all businesses, mostly micro or small. Along the way, they encounter multiple difficulties in developing those businesses.

Kosova Women 4 Women has been working for the economic empowerment of women since 1999.

Our organization, in cooperation with international partners helps women who have businesses or have innovative business ideas. In addition to capacity building, we are also committed to strongly promoting women's businesses.

However, in order to succeed, women need more support from the whole society. They need your support.

And to contribute is very easy.

Buy more products and services from their businesses!

Promote women's businesses!

To identify them, we, in collaboration with GIZ, have developed this identification mark, this logo. Through it, we call on everyone: buy products or services here, because it is a business owned by a women.

When we support women-owned businesses, we develop the economy and increase the economic stability of our families, community and state.