Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs
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New Entrepreneur

You have a business idea or

You have decided to set up your own company

But you wonder - will it work?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs IS FOR YOU!

Need further information?

Visit for detailed information and local contact points.

Or contact the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Support Office

Participating in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is easy:

1. Check out the eligibility criteria and the application process on the website

2. Prepare - have your CV, motivation statement and business plan ready

3. Apply online via

4. Find a suitable host with the help of the local contact points and prepare for the exchange

5. Travel abroad to the host and benefit from a cross-border entrepreneurial exchange.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: What is it?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange programme for entrepreneurs, financed by the European Union. It offers you the opportunity to work alongside an experienced entrepreneur in another participating country and strengthen the skills you need to develop your business. Your stay abroad can last between one and six months.

Why go on an exchange?

As a would-be or newly established entrepreneur, you can find yourself at crossroads. You need first-hand guidance. An entrepreneurial collaboration with an experienced entrepreneur will help answer your questions and prepare you to run your own company successfully.

That’s not all! You will also:

• Develop international contacts

• Get to know another market and different ways of doing business

• Strengthen your sector specific skills

• Meet successful business people

• Discover potential cooperation opportunities

• Get financial support for your exchange

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in practice:

The programme is run by a network of local contact points, including Chambers of Commerce, incubators and other organisations supporting businesses, present in the different participating countries. After you fill in your online application and get accepted for the programme, the contact point you will have chosen in your country will provide you with support and assistance to find your host entrepreneur. You will also receive practical assistance during your stay abroad. For more information about contact points in your country, please visit “Your local contact point” on the programme’s website.

You can benefit from the programme as a NEW ENTREPRENEUR if:

You are a “would-be” entrepreneur, firmly planning to start a business OR an entrepreneur having started your own business within the last 3 years. There is no age limit!

You are a permanent resident (as defined by the programme) in one of the participating countries;

You have a concrete project or business idea, reflected in a business plan;

You can clearly demonstrate your motivation and commitment to engage in a business relationship with an experienced entrepreneur from another participating country;

You are prepared to contribute to the development of the host entrepreneur’s business;

You are prepared to cover the costs of your stay abroad that exceed the EU grant.