Successful stories
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Success Story: Vlora Zogaj


Success Story: Vlora Zogaj...

Vlora Zogaj from Prizren, is a chemist by profession who has worked outside her profession as a

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Success Story: Lume Kostanica


Success Story: Lume Kostanica...

Lume Kostanica, Miradia e Epërme Village, Municipality of Fushë Kosova Lume lives in Miradia e

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Success Story: Merita Hakiqi


Success Story: Merita Hakiqi...

Merita Hakiqi, Llapashtica village, Podujeva Municipality Merita currently lives in Fushë Kosovë

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Success Story: Gjylie Behramaj


Success Story: Gjylie Behramaj...

Gjylie Behramaj from village Kotor, Municiaplity of Skenderaj. Gjylie lives in Kotor (Skenderaj

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Success Story: Ganimete Çollaku


Success Story: Ganimete Çollaku...

Ganimete Çollaku, Village Qubrel, Municipality of Skenderaj Ganimete is married and has four

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Success story: Dafina Pervetica Selimi & Vlora Sheholli


Success story: Dafina Pervetica Selimi & Vlora...

Dafina Pervetica Selimi (30) and Vlora Sheholli (30) are sisters-in-law, and participated in

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Valbona Ajeti - Success Story


Valbona Ajeti - Success Story...

Very proud of Valbona and many other women who with their work and dedication today are successful

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Rukije Oraca - Success Story


Rukije Oraca - Success Story...

Mrs. Oraca is 28 years old. She is married with two children, a boy and a girl. Rukije went to

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Success Story 2018: Zyla Sejdiu


Success Story 2018: Zyla Sejdiu...

Zyla Sejdiu completed the core program in 2018 in Prishtina as a participant in the vocational

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Success Story 2018: Xhemile Mahmuti


Success Story 2018: Xhemile Mahmuti...

Xhemile Mahmuti is from the village of Dobratin and she completed the Kosova- Women 4 Women core

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Success Story 2018: Hateme Duraku


Success Story 2018: Hateme Duraku...

Hateme Duraku is from the village Stanovc and completed the core program in Prishtina in 2018.

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Success Story 2018: Drita Mala


Success Story 2018: Drita Mala...

Drita Mala is from the village of Turiqevc and finished the Core Program in 2018. She is a former

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