Rukije Oraca - Success Story
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Mrs. Oraca is 28 years old. She is married with two children, a boy and a girl. Rukije went to college in Prizren to study economics but dropped out after two years because she got married and moved to Prishtina. She remained a housewife taking care of her children and the household.

She heard about Kosova – Women 4 Women in 2018 from her sister in law who at that time was attending one of the vocational tracks at the organization. Rukije considered this an opportunity to make a change in her life and decided to participate in one of the training programs that were offered by Kosova-Women 4 Women at that time. She was selected for the Child Care and Maintenance training and attended the sessions regularly. Her eagerness to learn made her stand out from the others so much that the trainer offered her a job as a teacher’s assistant at her own daycare center. Rukije started working there immediately after her graduation from the Child Care and Maintenance training. She has been promoted since then and has her own assistant now. This year Rukije started her studies at the Faculty of Education. She wants to work with children of ages 4-5 years after she finishes her studies and receives a University diploma.

She remains hopeful for a brighter future and says that all this positive change in her life is thanks to the opportunity offered by Kosova - Women 4 Women to attend the training last year.