Success Story 2018: Drita Mala
ART Construction

Drita Mala is from the village of Turiqevc and finished the Core Program in 2018. She is a former beneficiary of social assistance from the Government. She completed the vocational training in Bee-keeping and she received bees along with a bee-hive as part of the inputs distributed through the Cartier Foundation. This was her first time working in honey production.

Drita is a very strong and respectful woman. She is also the leader of an association that has 26 members that was formed in village of Turiqevc.

After receiving the bees, she ws focused in increasing the bee colony during the first year. Now she has a bee colony of seventeen hives, out of which she bought only two— the rest were as a result of multiplication. In mid-October, she received a grant from Kosova- Women 4 Women (KW4W) that was used to further grow the bee colonies. The grant included equipment for honey production (valued at €3,000) and she won this grant from a pool of 700 applicants who were evaluated by an external committee. One stipulation of the grant was the requirement to officially register her business, which she did in her daughter’s name.

However, she did not stop with the registration of her business and only with honey production. She received another grant from another organization for a dryer and received seedlings for medical herbs. She is also now able to produce marshmallow medical herb and uses the drying process to preserve the herbs for a longer period.

Drita is very thankful to KW4W. While before she was only thinking about production for self-consumption, she was able to change her way of thinking and become more ambitious. Her new skill-set is partially due to her participation in the Social Empowerment training, but she benefitted from the business training as well, which motivated her to think like an entrepreneur. Finally, the vocational training she attended in bee-keeping helped her to learn new skills to participate in a sector that has a very good economic potential.

Drita earned €400 from honey production this year and has no plans to stop. She is also a very active participant in many other trainings organized not only by KW4W, but also by other organizations. She participated in the Advocacy training organized by KW4W (under Millby) and it was the first time she participated in a training outside of her village. Nowadays, traveling to other municipalities, meeting new people, partners and potential collaborators is part of her daily activities.