Success Story 2018: Xhemile Mahmuti
ART Construction

Xhemile Mahmuti is from the village of Dobratin and she completed the Kosova- Women 4 Women core program in 2018 as a part of the vocational training in horticulture. As a program participant, she received a fence to border her garden. This helped her protect the arable land she owned but was not able to use for production because different animals were destroying it. This year she was able to produce larger quantities of vegetables from her land and sell her products. Xhemile plans to continue selling the products she grows and thinks she will manage to earn about €500 from the sales.

The high yield and earnings she made from her vegetable sales motivated her to rent more land (as she doesn’t own more land as part of her family’s property) and produce and sell more vegetable because she says that “she is now convinced that it is worth it.”

She says that she was mostly motivated by the examples that were shared during the trainings on how people start small and continue successful small businesses.