Success Story 2018: Zyla Sejdiu
ART Construction

Zyla Sejdiu completed the core program in 2018 in Prishtina as a participant in the vocational training for the service industry. As part of the inputs she received financing to complete an internship in a kindergarten. She started to like the work with children and in a kindergarten from the internship and even though she has a paid internship for 1 month from the side of our organization, she continued with the internship for free (as a volunteer) for another month and she considered this experience to be very beneficial.

During her vocational training on how to behave with children she managed to learn a lot about this vocation and in the internship, she was able to use these knowledge and skills in practice and test them out. As she proved to be a very good and skillful intern, the kindergarten decided to keep her as a teacher and now she is a regular employee of the kindergarten and one of the best teachers the kindergarten has. The kindergarten leadership (but not only of this specific kindergarten) is very satisfied with the candidates that are graduating from our vocational training in this sector.