Success Story: Ganimete Çollaku
ART Construction

Ganimete Çollaku, Village Qubrel, Municipality of Skenderaj

Ganimete is married and has four children. She is currently attending the beekeeping training. Ganimete’s husband is disabled and is collecting an invalid’s pension. Nobody in her household is employed.
Gaminete is responsible for feeding and educating her children. She does this by engaging in agriculture, handicrafts, and selling the products from these activities.
“I heard about KW4W from my friends, and that they were coming to our village. I immediately joined because I knew that this was an opportunity that I shouldn’t miss. We need this kind of training because we need a place to share our ideas and opinions.”
After observing that Ganimete is thirsty for knowledge, she and four of her groupmates were referred to attend the handicrafts training under the umbrella of the Crafting Lives project, which is financed by BMZ and supported by GIZ Kosova. In this training, which is held at the WOC in Prishtina, the women learn a particular embroidery technique using gold and silver thread. This technique is used to embellish wedding gowns and traditional wedding costumes and is in high demand in the market. The technique is jealously guarded and is not shared outside of the Gjakova region, but thanks to the KW4W training Ganimete was able to learn this skill. The training lasted 60 hours.
In addition to this, Ganimete is also engaged in the BalkanSpring project. Through this project Ganimete hopes to sell many handmade products that she has already completed.
“We had to travel for 5 hours both ways to reach Prishtina, because we had to wait for irregular bus routes. However, we were determined to learn this technique, and if it was not for your help I would have never had the chance. I have mastered this skill and so far I have finished 3 costumes, and right away I had interested buyers.
I am also learning a lot in the beekeeping training, and cannot wait to put my training into practice. Our village is very suitable for beekeeping.
Thanks to you I have a hope for a better future for my family”.