Success Story: Gjylie Behramaj
ART Construction

Gjylie Behramaj from village Kotor, Municiaplity of Skenderaj.

Gjylie lives in Kotor (Skenderaj county) with her husband and two children, a son and daughter).

"We live in an isolated and forgotten village with only a few people. We have no income other than some agriculture and beekeeping.

I did not have the chance to go to school and I thought that the only duty of a woman was to stay at home doing housework and taking care of the children.

With the arrival of K-W4W in our village, my life started to change. I earned many things that I did not know before. Thanks to them I got the chance to participate in the project organized by ATRC "Defend your rights", where the discussion topic was the right to own and inherit property. This left a deep impression on me and I learned about my many rights which had been unknown to me until now.

I discussed this topic with my husband and children, who supported me a lot especially since I argued that by owning property I gain the opportunity to be economically independent. This allows me to support my family through the beekeeping business we started together, this business allows us to feed and educate our children.

Together with my husband we decided that I would be listed as the equal owner of the house we were living in. From that moment I became a different person, I have much more self-confidence and I am no longer afraid from the unknowns of life.

From the ATRC project I have received two beehives which I take care of as if they were my own children. Thanks to this, our business has grown and we are planning on expanding it still.

As for property ownership, I have also started to think differently for all of my children. I used to think that only my son would inherit the family property, now I have to think about my daughter as well.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish for this project to keep continuing so that as many women as possible start to own property.