Success Story: Merita Hakiqi
ART Construction

Merita Hakiqi, Llapashtica village, Podujeva Municipality

Merita currently lives in Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje with her husband and three children, a daughter and two sons. "Organizational training has helped me a lot. I have attended one training for tailoring, gaining knowledge for my profession; and the other for managing my business. "For what I have learned throughout the training, I was immediately hired as a tailor to a very famous designer and now after I have experienced working in tailoring, and with the help of K-W4W I became independent and started my own tailoring business. I hope for my business to expand so I can hire women and have an impact on their career empowerment". This year has been challenging for the economy, but with 'K-W4W's help, Merita continues being successful with her tailoring start-up business.