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Recent Activities

Conference "Beyond Financial Support"

On 19 March 2018 was held Conference "Beyond Financial Support" on Policy and Treatment Options for Survivors of Sexual Crimes. The conference was organized by Community

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Donate a walnut tree for March 8, an opportunity more for Kosovar women.

March 8 - The International Women's Day is approaching ... A symbolic help today can be economic resources for a woman or family in a few years. Donate a walnut tree for March 8,

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Coaching on accounting and financial policies and establishing a network between six women's association in Municipality of Shterpce.

Trajnimi per politika të kontabilitetit dhe financave dhe vendosja e një rrjeti ndermjet gjashtë shoqatave të grave në Komunën e Shtërpcës. Ky aktivitet u mundesua permes

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WfWI - Kosovo Country Profile


An exploratory comparative research study conducted for the work of WfWI in Afghanistan and Kosovo

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