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Recent Activities

Panel discussion on women's property rights in Municipality of Kaçanik

Part of the project Women as property rights agents, Kosova -Women for Women conducted a discussion in Municipality of Kacanik with women and men who were part of the trainings

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Albana Malsiu, graduated woman in WfWI program candidate for Municipal Assembly in Kaçanik

Albana Malsiu, who graduated in 2014 from Women for Women International, now KW4W one year program, is another successful story of women who engaged in K-W4W program since she was

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Merita Bunjaku, graduated woman from WfWI program candidate for Municipal Assembly in Kaçanik

Merita Bunjaku from Municipality of Kaçanik, who recently has started studying Political Science decided to candidate in Local Elections held in 2017 for the Assembly of

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WfWI - Kosovo Country Profile


An exploratory comparative research study conducted for the work of WfWI in Afghanistan and Kosovo

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